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Breakout sessions speakers

Asma Ahmed

Founder & Principal, Soapbox Presentations

Juliet Aurora

CEO, Kninja Knetwork

Martha Banner, CPA

National Manager, Cloud Practice Development, Grant Thornton LLP

Jennifer Bauldic

President, Jetstream Administration Inc.

Erin Bury

Co-founder & CEO, Willful

Brian Clare, CPA, CMA, MBA

Partner, Blueprint Accounting, Inc.

Sean Duffy, CPA, CMA

Partner, Blueprint Accounting

Ricky Duquette

Vice President, Rickyel solution de gestion

Tania Franolic

Service Delivery Manager, QuickBooks Online – Accountant Division, Intuit Canada

Jayson Gaignard

Founder and Head Curator, MMT and Host of the Community Made Podcast

Damien Greathead

VP - Global Accountants' Programs, Receipt Bank

Jason Hastie

CEO, TenjaGo

Suzanne Haynes

Owner, Bookkeeping Solutions

Ingrid Himmelman

Senior Manager, Deloitte Canada

Darian Kovacs

Founder, Jelly Marketing

Dawne Leaney-Davidson

Vice President, Marabirch Inc.

Tania Madarasz

Success Partner, LeadingLedgers Inc.

Carrie Mulrooney, CB, CPB

Owner, GnarlyBooks.ca Incorporated

Kellie Parks, CPB

Cloud Accounting Aficionado, Calmwaters Cloud Accounting

Helina Patience, CPA, CMA, B.Ed, BA

CEO, Entreflow Consulting Group

Victoria Peters

COO, Envolta

Mike Potter

CEO, Rewind

Teresa Slack

CEO, Financly Bookkeeping Solutions

Tiffany Stewart

President, Marabirch Inc.

Janeen Stodulski

Partner, MNP LLP

Marnie Stretch

Owner, Accounting Loft

Dianna Thorne, CPA, CA

President, Targeted Accounting Professional Corporation

Andrew Wall, CPA, CMA

CEO & Founder, CPA4IT

Bob Wang

Senior Advisor, Deloitte

Susan Watkin

Principal, Watkin Business Advisory & Education

Tanis Young, CFP, CPB

Founder, Maven Bookkeeping Inc.



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